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setting to cut siser htv vinyl with silhoutte

ktykarktykar Member Posts: 313
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what blade on machine and setting for mtc??  


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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,119
    It doesn't matter with MTC - its the machine its self not the software that controls the settings for blade type, depth, etc.  So, whatever is the general settings needed to cut siser easy weed HTV vinyl with the silhouette should work whether or not you are using the Silhouette program, MTC, or some other program.
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  • ktykarktykar Member Posts: 313

    I cut the htv with a 2 blade dept and the put it back to one for my 651 vinyl.  On the 651 vinyl it cut thru the back, and didn't do that before I changed it to cut Htv. 

    so why on the window is there a force and speed setting?

  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,349
    The force and speed settings adjust the machine's additional features.  The blade set you physically change by turn the numbers round to suit the depth of blade required.  The Force gives you a secondary option of pressure.  The speed adjusts the speed the machine runs at.  The more intricate a cut project the less speed you use.  The thinner the card or material the less force you would use as well as blade adjustment.  You would change each or all of these settings with each type of material - it is a good idea to note the parameters you use for each material.
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  • ktykarktykar Member Posts: 313

    so if I change the pressure and such do I need to turn my machine off?  and then back on? I just don't get why if I changed it back to 1 for my 651 vinyl it cut through the backing, but didn't do it before.....

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