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unable to find any devices connected to your computer - Mac

Hi. This topic has been raised in some previous incarnations but all seem to date back to 2013 at the latest and don't correspond to the most current operating system, so if anyone has any tips on how to resolve this, I would appreciate it. 

I have a KNK Maxx Air, model ACS-24HF that I purchased used. The machine itself seems to be in fine working condition as much as I can tell so far. I am using an iMac running OSX Sierra 10.12.1. I am connected to the cutter via a usb cable. I downloaded the MTC disk image and followed the instructions in order. However, when I open MTC Bridge I am given this error message: "Error... Unable to find any devices connected to your computer. In order to bridge devices to Make The Cut, you must have the devices connected to you computer and they should be powered on".

Once I choose to "continue anyway", the usb connection is not listed in the drop down menu, leaving me at a dead end for now. I tinkered with downloading Wine to see if I could run the .exe version but Wine repeatedly crashed while trying to save the .app version. I don't really want to go that route anyway because I'm sure it's buggy. Surely, I can't be the only one out there running MTC on the latest software. Does anyone have any other pieces of advice for getting the computer to recognize the cutter?



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