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Does anyone know where I can take my zing to be looked at as it won't turn on. I am in Brisbane

czale3czale3 Member Posts: 1
My zing will not turn on an I am looking for somewhere to take it to. I purchased on line and am based on the Southside of brisbane


  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,360
    edited December 2016
    Skat Katz or BlueEdgecrafts are the 2 Australia knk usa distributors I am familiar with. You can also call on Monday knkusa and ask there. I have my zing serviced in the USA and it wasn't expensive to ship it to Florida even with it out of warranty. But I was shipping it within the usa. I would assume their distributors are also not price gougers. Have you checked that your plug is the cause or that the power cord hasn't come dislodged from the back?
  • jesprattjespratt Member Posts: 51
    When this happened to me I opened a support ticket and they emailed me instructions on how to take it apart and unplug and replug everything inside. When I put it back together it would turn on again.
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