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Help! Cut settings for sticker vinyl

Nita_MarilynNita_Marilyn Member Posts: 1
I've tried various settings on my silhouette.  The material type I'm selecting is White Sticker Paper. Silhouette Brand.  But this is cutting through my sticker vinyl.  I'm not sure which setting to use.  Thanks in advance


  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,332
    You need to lower you blade force both via the numbers on the blade itself and the Force right down low.  Have no idea what the setting are tho as I have not tried to cut this.  Would suggest you start really low and cut small circles moving over each time as you increase the blade numbers (much smaller then 4 which I use for 160 gsm) and a force lower then 10.  I'm guessing you are using MTC for the cutting but if you are using the Silhouette Design software then you will need to seek help on one of their forums.  There are a few who cut with the Silhouette here and might be along later.  You also might like to decrease your speed as well if the pattern is intricate.
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  • LisaMBLisaMB Member Posts: 12
    I use a silhouette with MTC to cut vinyl decals.  I mostly use Oracal 651 and the settings I use are 3 (on the blade) and 12 in MTC.  On a brand new blade, I use 2 on the blade and 9 or 10 in MTC.  Hope this helps.  With the Silhouette brand, I wouldn't use more than 10 in MTC, it is a thinner vinyl than Oracal.
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