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Is there a manual for MTC? [Resolved]

plumeriastixplumeriastix Member Posts: 4
edited December 2016 in Resolved Issues
I'm BRAND new, just purchased the MTC download.  I have a cricut explore and want to design my own files and save as an svg so that I can cut them on my machine.  Is there a users manual for MTC?  I'm already in over my head with all the abbreviations I'm seeing.  I can't always watch video so I'm hoping there's some kind of manual I can bookmark or download.  All help is appreciated, TIA :)
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  • jesprattjespratt Member Posts: 51
    The links to the MTC manual can be found here under "MTC". http://www.iloveknk.com/support/user-manuals/zing-user-manuals/

    The first few chapters cover the Zing - the rest is all Make the Cut.
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,469
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    @plumeriastix, as an explanation, the first written version of the MTC user manual was created by SandyMcC when the KNK Zing cutter was introduced.  KNK and MTC partnered for the intro of the machine and you can't have a cutter without a manual, so Sandy made the manual.  As jespratt said above, the first few chapters deal with setting up and using the Zing cutter and there is another chapter towards the back that explains how to do Print and Cut operations with the Zing.  Aside from those 3 or 4 chapters the rest of the manual goes over all aspects of using MTC.  Also, you can get to the manual by clicking on the Tutorials link in the MTC Help link.  I suggest you download the PDF version.  Personally, I find it easier to use than the Interactive version, but that's just me.  YMMV.
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  • plumeriastixplumeriastix Member Posts: 4
    Thank you both so much, I really appreciate your help :smiley:
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