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Trim marks in MTC

MTC is making its own trim marks, and are not aligning with my AI file trim marks. I didn't see a chapter on these in the manual, so where should I go to find out about trim marks in-depth, when importing an AI file into MTC?


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,227
    edited December 2016
    What do you mean by not aligning ?

    I think what your calling trim marks are called registration marks in Make the Cut

    Make the Cut creates Registration marks at the 4 corners of a virtual bounding box that surrounds the whole project  the whole project

    It difficult to suggest the cause of your issue without seeing the actual files your working with
    One thought is if you using marks generated in AI that have a inward facing junctions
    which would cause the AI marks to be misaligned from the Reg mark created in MTC

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  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,349
    Look under File, Print Options and check to see that 'show reg marks on mat' is not ticked and that 'print reg marks' is also not ticked.  If they are they will appear on your page!!
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  • squashblossomsquashblossom Member Posts: 23
    My AI file marks the outline of my sheets at each corner. MTC puts the cut lines at the outline of the virtual box, which is inside of my sheet. That is where the problem is. I always thought MTC read my AI file trim marks/cutlines but it makes its own. That is why I have been having alignment problems when my sheets come back from the printers and I try to line up the cutter with them. I'll see if I can send file images for comment.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,869
    @squashblossom - File => Print Preview will show the MTC registration marks, if the print registrations marks option is set under File => Print Options. When you pixel trace an imported image, any marks that would be detected by MTC will be incorporated as part of the overall image, and not as registration marks, so if MTC is not detecting the ones that AI has added, then they are too faint and need to be made darker. MTC's registration marks would then be outside of your AI marks, and you won't get proper alignment that way either. MTC does not have the ability to recognize any marks as registration marks and never has.

    There are several webinar recordings where Bryan talked about issues like this, and provided suggested work arounds, which are quite clever. Sadly, I do not recall which of the 5 years worth of webinars that information may be in.
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