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I just found MTC from another search and was wondering what this site is all about?

What is MTC about? I have a scan n cut and am trying to figure out where to get other fonts and how?

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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,869

    @GrammaDawn - Make The Cut! (MTC) is a software that was released approximately seven (7) years ago (this month) that allowed users to connect their Cricut cutters to their computers and cut vector shapes created by using the program, including shapes created from fonts found on the computer without having to use a cartridge. In time, MTC was legally forced to stop supporting the Cricut cutters - forever - and it became the flagship software for the KNK Zing cutter, the first KNK cutter to be supported by MTC. This forum was created in 2010 to support all users of the Make The Cut! software. Other cutters that are supported directly with a plugin are Silhouette, Pazzles, Silver Bullet, Gazelle, USCutter, Black Cat, Cougar, and other cutters that use HPGL through the print function are also supported. So we are not just KNK cutters. Newer models of cutter may not have all their new functions supported, or are not supported at all. Unfortunately, the developer has not updated the product since 2013. As such there is no support for new cutters that have come on stream since then, and there may never be. The Brother cutters fall into this category.

    The software is quite user friendly, and is well liked as it has a fantastic tracing utility. This allows us to import different common files to have them turned into cut files, or print and cut for those cutters that support that function. Many Brother cutter owners use MTC to create their files, and export to USB as SVG as described by Rorysnonna. Other users find the program is easy to use so they can create files for their embroidery machines, or quilting machines. There are many creative ways to use the program.

    That said, the most popular place to get free fonts is www.dafont.com. Be cautioned though, not all fonts are created equal, so if you get weird things happen with some fonts (ie, little loopy bits get cut out of the tops of the letters t, or from the bottom of letters like the y), don't say I didn't warn you =). Cheers!

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