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Christmas trees

Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,332
Hi Peeps,
I've been having fun designing and creating some more trees.  They have fronts that can be mixed and matched and are up in my Force bazaar under Festive trees.  Quite a few addition since last year - will put them up in the gallery later today for those of you who can't access my Bazaar.  You have a choice of a 10" or 8" stem (I think the 8" would be preferable).  My proto-type was made up on the 10" and although once it was glittered and decorated with tinsel I think it would look OK I think the 8" would be more compact.  I've only put a single variant below for quick access but the rest of them will be up in the Gallery later today or tomorrow.  They will be under Christmas - trees.  In the Bazaar they are under Festive/trees.  Here are some photos of what I am nattering about.  The first one does actually get small as you get to the top but the photo doesn't show that!  The second one is a work in progress shot showing the fronds on top of the little boxes.  Also my robin/holly tree for the little ones.

Have fun, Di, ID 14610
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