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[Resolved] Partially cutting a shape?

klkitchensklkitchens Member Posts: 30
edited November 2016 in Resolved Issues
I have a sheet of cutouts that I use regularly for my boardgaming hobby.  I want to cut and mail sheets of these to someone else and when I did it before, since they are cut completely from the cardstock, I have to scrape them all off the cutting mat and ship them like that.

What I want to be able to do is cut them except for a couple of small tabs that keep them attached to the backing sheet.  Then I can mail them sheets of these flat and they can snip them out of the sheet when they need to use one.

I use the custom line function already to do perforation cuts for fold lines (vs. scoring) and that works well.  So I though I could just make the shape also a custom line style that only leaves a couple of small spots uncut.  Unfortunately the custom line function only goes to 1" for the cut section (I need more like 3-4" cut, then a small 1/16" tab, then cut some more) to make it work.

1. Is there a way to override the limits in the custom line dialog to make it do what I'm hoping (doubt it and understand why)

2. Is there another method.  Can I convert my "shape" (a rounded rectangle) to just the line itself?  If so, then I could bisect it with another shape or place a gap in the line to make it skip where I don't want it to cut.

Other ideas?

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