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Does know one know what is the dpi value that MTC use

BobkatBobkat Member Posts: 788
edited January 2017 in General
I own an Eclips which uses ecal or  Ecal2.  I have been trying to use only ecal2.
I had been using ecal instead of my usual MTC and for. my editing.  Some stuff works ok but more complicated stuff doesn't .  I would like to know what dpi MTC uses, I can't remember but.  Think  90,  96,  something like that.  I need to easily switch between  the two programs.  They are now coming in at odifferent sizes .

Thanks for your assistance

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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    @Bobkat - what file type are you exporting from MTC to use in Ecal2?
  • BobkatBobkat Member Posts: 788
    I was taking an svgcuts file that I had altered in ECAL (SCAL for Eclips2) into MTC then back into ECAL for cutting.  I figured it out.  SCAL/ECAL use 72 DPI and MTC is 90.  If you import at a different DPI it changes the size.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    @Bobkat - there have been quite a few discussions on that here in the forum. SVGcuts has all the sizes listed in their menu pdf file that accompanies each of their cut files...when I open their files in MTC, I select one of the pieces and check the size noted on the menu file, and the size I get in MTC, then adjust accordingly if needed. Mary's files come into MTC at the correct noted size.
  • BobkatBobkat Member Posts: 788
    @Liz_A Thanks for your reply.  I'm trying to learn ECAL.  I opened the dragonfly lamp in ECAL and took out all the dragonfly lines and put in a Christmas wreath on a window pane.  I needed to do some node editing and can't seem to get the hang of it in ECAL.  So I was moving it to MTC.  Pieces were all over my mat so measuring would have been difficult but I did have the option to export at a specific DPI.  I wasn't sure if it was 90 DPI and hoped I'd get a quick confirmation.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    @Bobkat - understandable...lol, you could have saved time working originally in MTC and then export as SVG for eCal!! Happy Cutting!
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    PS I believe MTC follows what is considered industry standard for svg filetype, 90 dpi, which is what Inkscape uses.
  • BobkatBobkat Member Posts: 788
    @Liz_A I know it would have been easier if I'd used MTC but I want to learn ECAL.  I'm afraid we will somehow lose our MTC without Andy's presence here.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    @Bobkat - I think for functionality we should be good for some time, for example, I doubt it will just stop working in a future version of Windows. I have an html program that was developed in about 1998 it still works fine on Windows 10, while it doesn't know modern tags, its still my go to for fast development as its easy to use, and I can create custom code and save as my own tags. I have other modern html development tools, but still love that little program. It runs off a memory stick. I think for me, that is what MTC is like...I run it too off a memory stick.
  • jax3catsjax3cats Member Posts: 1,061
    Hi @Bobkat! So nice to see that you are still working with the eClips! Did you get the new version? I still have the original but I want the new one. Unfortunately I missed a great 50% off deal during the holidays so I refuse to buy it until I can get a similar deal, LOL. I also still have my beloved Gazelle so I am still dealing with having to use two different programs to use my machines. In the past I designed exclusively in MTC and exported to cut on the eClips. But the tide is shifting in the other direction.

    I share your thoughts re:MTC. As @Liz_A mentioned, I don't think it will go away or stop working completely, but it seems that it has essentially been abandoned by TPTB. There hasn't been any significant update in years and there don't appear to be any plans to create plug-ins for the newer machines that are coming into the market. The fact that the webinars never resumed was the "tell" for me. Because of this, I went ahead and upgraded to eCal 2 and have decided to embrace that "native" software for the eClips.

    So far, I have been able to do everything with it that I can do in MTC, and in some cases I actually like it a lot better. Working with text has always been easier in eCal and has gotten better with eCal2. The more I use it, the more I like it. I suspect that some day, maybe sooner rather than later, I'll be designing exclusively in eCal 2 and only using MTC to cut with my Gazelle.
    My name is Jackie and I am a papercraft and cutting newbie from Michigan. Now the happy owner of a Sizzix eClips, Bosskut Gazelle, and KNK Zing. The CE has left the building!
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