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Using Thinlits in the Fiskars Fuse

Please, please tell me the formula for the fiskars fuse when using thinlits. I have asked Fiskars so may times and they do not answer or say use the guide on my adapter kit. The adapter kit does not have thinlits listed and I have tried everything I can think of. Can anyone help?


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    about 10 min in

  • hwganghwgang Member Posts: 2,806
    Welcome to the forum, @Dustymodoc.

    The "secret" is using more than just the Fiskar's adapter plates. Fiskars can't tell you to use stuff that isn't theirs.

    Create some shims of your own. One of my favorites is neoprene. Sold by the foot as pond liner, I was able to get a 3' x 5' or so piece that had some holes in it for $5. It was easy to cut my shims in a variety of sizes around the holes. 

    You can cut your own adapter plates of out stiff, acrylic cutting boards (needs a circular or table saw) or the soft, plastic ones.

    Chipboard is a good shim, though I don't use it often...it's just on hand for my crafters. Or just use cereal boxes and the like. 

    I use solid, rubbery shelf liner for embossing. It has more give than the neoprene.

    I had plexi custom cut at a local shop, and cut some we bought at Home Depot on our own, but we bought the cheaper grade and it cracked.

    The Big Shot Pro plates game me bigger sizes (12"+) before Fiskars made them.

    I don't remember exactly what I use. I usually experiment, but I have it written somewhere. I'll see if I can try it later and let you know. 

    In the meantime, dig around to see what else you have that might work for you.

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  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    I have found great variability in the needed shims depending on factors such as paper type and weight, brand of dies, and individual difference in machines, etc. I don't have any dies labeled as Thinlets, but some that appear similar cut through Recollections cardstock (65 lb) using the Fiskars  base plate, cutting plate, plus Adapter set shim A plus, a thick piece of chipboard (.035" thick). I keep a few thicknesses of chipboard handy. Sometimes a thin piece is better than the thicker one. 
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