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Anyone Tried LA Bulks Totally Awesome Cleaner to clean mat build up

Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,156
edited October 2016 in General
I read on another blog the this stuff is Totally Awesome for cleaning build up off mats
They say  It restores the stickiness to your mats. Just spray, wipe clean, and let dry.
Apparently you can get it at Dollar tree you guess it for $1
but think there are many stores that store it


The MSDS says its orange oil base so maybe similar to other orange oil base cleaners
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,786
    If it is oil based, you would want to clean it off very carefully or you will get oil residue on your media.
  • NevaNeva Member Posts: 402
    I use Awesome all of the time spray, then use a brush to dislodge all of the paper lint, rinse, dry & like new!! I do not use anything else anymore & my mats last without re-stickying them forever!! Don't remember when I last bought mats! The Awesome is great in the kitchen too. Greasy stoves spray let sit a few moments then rinse. 

  • Rosie0530Rosie0530 Member Posts: 3,066
    This is great to know. I use it for lots of cleaning but never thought to try the mats!
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  • PaperZenPaperZen Member Posts: 210
    I've used rubbing alcohol to clean mine off and it worked great. It strips it down to the core. Then I use Aleene's Tack It to make it sticky again. Here's a video of how I did it without using a brush or dilution: 
  • craftyladycraftylady Member Posts: 186
    This is strong stuff. My daughter and her husband bought a house and I was elected to clean the kitchen. It did a great job on built up grease on top of the fridge and inside the range hood, neither of which had been cleaned in a long time. Since I have asthma i found out quickly that I needed to wear a mask when using it but it did the job.
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