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Hi Res and Windows 10 Issues

lschulerlschuler Member Posts: 8
Before anyone berates me for posting this, I have read through the forums already.  My MTC is non-functioning thanks to no updates for the Hi Res problem.  My icons are tiny and some are hidden under other icons because they are so small.  Also, all of my font letters are oddly different sizes when not in all caps, but yet are the same size when put on the mat, they are just completely disproportionate.  I see that Andy commented that this issue is being worked on "right now" back in March and no updates have been done since 2013.  That seems a little strange to me.  My business has been completely on hold since I got my new laptop because of this issue.  Can't make stencils if the program doesn't work.  I've put through a Help Desk ticket, with no response as of yet.  If this isn't resolved soon, I'll have to sell my Zing Air and get a Silhouette.  I went back and forth for weeks trying to figure out which machine to get when I got my Zing... now I wish I would've went with the Silhouette instead.  I'd like to know when this will be resolved so I know how to proceed.  Thank you.


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,551
    Technically speaking, you don't have to sell the Zing.  There are other software programs that work with the Zing.
  • lschulerlschuler Member Posts: 8
    Make the Cut came with the machine.  The machine cost me $500, I'm not paying for another program that is not guaranteed to work on my laptop.  I bought this machine believing a compatible software program with a reputable company would assist me in my business.  That's not happening.
  • milliejsmilliejs Member Posts: 273
    I guess I don't understand.  I have windows 10 and I have a Zing and I use MTC and I do not have any problems with resolution at all.  
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  • lschulerlschuler Member Posts: 8
    I have a hi res laptop.  Someone posted the same exact issue months ago and was told it is being worked on.  It's not a problem with Windows 10, it's the software compatibility with Hi Res.
  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,379
    edited August 2016
    @ischuler, you can try a demo version of alternate programs and see if it will work. Or you can hook up a low resolution external monitor. @milliejs it is not windows 10 per say, although in windows 10 home you cannot adjust the resolution as much as with win 7, but most high end laptops come with high resolution monitors and that is the issue. The icons in MTC come in too small to see. That is one reason I am keeping with my win 7 laptop.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,299
    Actually it is an issue unique to Windows 10, and it affects other programs, not just MTC, and it is related to the issue of older programs not having hi-res icons so they cannot scale the way a hi-res icon can. The same programs run on Win 8 or Win 8.1 do not have the problem. 

    There is a plugin for the Zing in Inkscape, which is free and has both PC and Mac versions. There is support for the Zing in SCAL4...which is not free. If you are using your cutter for a business the cost of software becomes a tax write-off for the business or you increase your costs slightly to offset the additional cost to your business...this is how I manage unexpected costs.

    If you do decide to bail on the Zing and MTC, good luck...be very careful to check out the state of the new Cameo, and the lack of support for some of its functions in the current release of Silhouette Studio. On good authority, they don't plan to have this functioning in a new release of SS until sometime this fall, and many new purchasers are regretting their purchases. 
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,519
    edited August 2016
    @Ischuler ; Did you see the post where someone posted a work around It did sound a little technical for the average user and I can under some people would not want to mess around with the inner working of windows


    where they say to create a manifest file ?
    and this link is mentioned

    if this is a good idea for a work around would be nice if MTC would provide a similar procedure on actually doing to with MTC

    Like others said you don't need to replace your cutter you could try the demo of SCAL see if it suffers the same issue but as you say you shouldn't have to, you paid good money for software that should work

    The Company that make your Zing (KNK USA) is in no way connected to the company the makes Make the Cut Software
    Recently communication with The Make the Cut Company seems to be a common problem but as your copy was supplied with the cutter by KNK maybe you could approach KNK to see if they can assist with a resolution

    You can also try the silhouette software that come  with the cutter for free I think you might find it rather limiting 

    I was also thinking of what leslie suggested if you laptop has the provision to connect a external monitor you may be able to connect a low resolution screen
    over hear in Australia I often see lcd monitors in the Goodwill stores for less than AUD$10 .
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  • scrappinmelscrappinmel Member Posts: 24
    So there is no fix for this issue?  This is the reason I haven't used my Zing in a while. 
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,519
    As yet there is only the workaround mentioned.  although apparently a fix is being worked on 
    I Use Zing Air, Make The Cut - Pop Card Studio, WinXP- Win7 -Win10
    Paper Modellers I Revere Marc Hagan-Guirey ----- Yoshinobu Miyamoto ----- Peter Dahmen
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  • lschulerlschuler Member Posts: 8
    I have a low res external monitor now, but it looks the same way on there because the program is actually loaded onto a high res device.  Ugh... this is so frustrating.
  • Little_BerryLittle_Berry Member Posts: 5,760
    Did you change the screen resolution in the display settings?
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,519
    Have you tried logging off and back in you or windows user account that is ?

    That what seems to be suggested on this page

    I Use Zing Air, Make The Cut - Pop Card Studio, WinXP- Win7 -Win10
    Paper Modellers I Revere Marc Hagan-Guirey ----- Yoshinobu Miyamoto ----- Peter Dahmen
    Gallery ID #26944 ----- Link to My Cloud Have a Look your Welcome to Make Use of the Files
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,468
    Just to put the record straight.  I have a high res pc, a high res screen and when I first transferred MTC to it the icons were abysmally small.  The reason for the big screen was so that I could see better with the upgraded PC.  Gave me nightmares until I got the resolution the right size and the base icon settings correct.  A lot of jigary pokery to get a good result.  I now have a high res PC and a high res Screen and can work with MTC OK.  Screen display: landscape, res. 2560x1440 with the text and icons at 150%.  Gives me a wide screen with everything workable including number boxes, icons etc. etc. in Win10.  Does this help?
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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,553
    Apparently I missed your original post because my response would have been for you to contact KNK USA directly since you purchased a Zing Air from them.  Here's what I recommend... start a support ticket at KNK USA's site using the link below. If you've already done that, then please post your Ticket Number here. Otherwise wait 12 hours and then post the new ticket number here. I will make damned sure you get a response from someone who will help you with this issue.  


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  • awillmorthawillmorth Member Posts: 1

    You can try the Window Compatibility option.  Check this link out for instructions on how to "Make older programs compatible".  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15078/windows-make-older-programs-compatible

    If this doesn't work and you can't find a solution to your problems, and you don't mind a somewhat technical approach you could try setting up a virtual computer on your system.  With a virtual computer you can run a different operating system (like Windows 7) inside of your existing system.  I found when I went to Windows 10 my old version of Illustrator (C3) wouldn't run at all.  I spent days trying to solve the problem with no success.  Finally I set up a virtual computer running Windows 7 and it works like a charm.

    Keep in mind you will need an additional Windows license (in my case a Windows 7 license) and a CD to install from. 

    There are several virtual desktop software packages to work with, many are free.  Oracle VM Box is popular, I like the VMWare Workstation Player (there is a free version for personal use), if you are running Windows 10 Pro you can use Hyper-V. 

    Good Luck.   

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