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air blower for my Silver Bullet

kb25t17kb25t17 Member Posts: 277
edited April 2016 in Tips and Tricks
I make a whole lot of tiny buildings every year, thousands of them :)  That means many thousands of chads from the window openings happen. It is always a balance of not having too much adhesive on the cutting mat which can damage the light weight cardstock and not quite enough to hold the chads from the window openings down on the mat. Those chads will often pop right out and sometimes get speared by the blade which of course messes up the ability to cut. So needing a way to get those pesky chads out of the way of the blade when they do pop out I have added a blower nozzle to clear them away.
Needing to be thrifty I took an old airbrush compressor my ex left behind years ago and then created a small nozzle from a piece of brass tubing. A few fittings were required to adapt a piece of airline hosing between the compressor and the nozzle. A piece of fancy duct tape was used to figure out just the right position for the air to blow towards the cutting blade. Next step will be to make a bracket to replace the duct tape ;)  But it works like a charm, no more baby sitting to make sure the chads don't get stuck under the blade. The airbrush compressor turned out to be the perfect volume of air for this task but it is a bit noisy as it is not one of the high end nearly silent type. However I can live with that for the time being. In the second photo just to the right of the blade you can see the dark colored holes where a couple of the tiny white cardstock chads have come out and been blown out of the way of the blade!


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