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Score lines showing as cut lines in Print Preview

In Print Preview, the score lines are showing as solid (i.e. cut lines). When I export to an SVG the same thing happens. Is it a program glitch?

I have figured out a work-around when I import to the cutting program. I ungroup, hide the cutting lines, then select the red/blue lines and change them to dots.


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,374
    edited February 2016
    This is the print Preview of your file as you can see I get dashed lines where the score line are
    I'm still learning PCS to But
    Maybe Check In FILE > Rendering Options and check the default line styles are set correctly

    As this is your first post I'm guessing your a beginner to so keep the following in mind once you have a few project completed
    I have found using Dash Cut line for fold if problematic as it often leads to tearing after a few operations so it better to either use an hand embossing tool create the fold line
    If you have an embossing tool for your cutter use solid fold lines and emboss the lines
    Unless you have the Force this would require the Cut and Embossing process to be sent to the cutter as separate operations

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  • FelicityJaneFelicityJane Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for your response @Crazy_Mr_Zing . Just found my answer - you're right, it is under 'Rendering Options'. This is such a huge program I'm still finding my way around and watching everyone of @SusanBluerobot 's videos.

    You have a good point about the dashes for score lines. I tried the embossing tool, but will try it again with a higher force.
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