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Irritating Problems

Here is probably the most successful popup card yet, which I was able to do mostly from Susan's vimeo a couple of Tuesdays ago. A couple of things are driving me crazy. Why is bottom of big heart a cut line? I had it above the steps when I told it to go to the bottom. I saw it go to the bottom but it's still not there evidently. And when I mess up on anchors I am having trouble getting them to select so I can delete them. I can get to the shape on that plane but not the anchors. And I STILL do not understand how that D key is supposed to get me from plane to plane. Yikes. But believe it or not I am making progress!
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  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,360
    @Charo you will not get fold lines unless you have a line segment at the juncture - so the cropping tool creates that line. I chopped a smigion of the base of the heart, so I had to move your anchors slightly down. D key and right click with the mouse at the shape to get to the shape on the plane . Just doing d key doesn't work.
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,287
    Also, the way you did the hole at the top of the heart is not the ideal way to achieve it. It is better to put the small circle on the same layer as the heart and where you want it to cut out, then select the heart and the small circle and do a Join (Ctrl+J).
  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,360
    Good Catch @SBryanW since it wasn't my file I didn't see that, but @Charo I fixed the small circle as Bryan suggested in the file below.
  • CharoCharo Member Posts: 678
    Good to know @sbryanw thank you. @leslie6111 do you mean I didn't crop the heart at all?? Whoa boy. And here I thought my problems were fixed by remembering to put pieces on the bottom. And thanks for telling me specifically what I need to do with that pesky D key. I expect I will be using that a lot now. And of course for taking the time to fix my file. However would I have learned anything without all the Forum help.
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  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,360
    edited January 2016
    @Charo Some of the basic shapes look flat on the bottom but looking flat is not sufficient to form the fold line - it actually has to be a line. The cropping tool does that - change the curve to a true line segment. And certainly a piece was taken off the bottom of the heart and looked flat at the base, But when I raised it and lowered it, it didn't form a fold line, so I cropped it slightly. I do not know how you made the heart. If you erased the bottom to make it flat, then it wouldn't have a line at the bottom. The eraser tool doesn't do that. Next time you erace something in MTC look at all the nodes you get.
  • CharoCharo Member Posts: 678
    @leslie6111 Hmmm. I did use the crop tool but evidently not enough. And what else I did not do thoroughly was check print preview. You will all be so glad to hear I finally GOT IT on the D right click key AND how to select anchors I want to delete.
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,195
    Don't get irritated or discouraged @Charo you will get there
    every little mistake is something you learn for next time
    Your Card is quite impressive
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