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180 degree pop up

MeowMeow Member Posts: 584
edited January 2016 in Help for Popup Card Studio
I just watched @SusanBluerobot videos on the Simple 108 degree popup and the deer/tree 180 pop up. They were very clear and easy to understand. In those videos she used an earlier version of PCS and I have the latest version. She mentioned some things in her earlier version that would be different in the later version. What are those things that are different? I have been playing around with it trying to recreate this card here: https://img0.etsystatic.com/045/0/10055657/il_570xN.675399904_knt5.jpg

I have noticed that some of the things done in those videos are not working the same way in the latest version. For instance, when I draw the 5 x 5 inch square on the front back of the card and put my Tinkerbell on it, the boolean join for subtracting does not seem to give a menu box that will let me do a difference to cut out the back of the card around TInkerbell. I am just wondering if that is automatically done for you now. Also, when I try to crop the bottom and top of Tinkerbell, the exclusive rectangle just stays there instead of cropping. Thirdly, when I copy Tink and take her to the back of the card, I cannot get her to the bottom by flipping her down. I have to manually move her. Anyway, I was just wondering. Thanks.

If this has been covered in webinar, if someone could just tell me the date of the webinar(s), I will just go watch.


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