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Knk maxx kiss cutting stickers help?

chibichibi Member Posts: 1

I am planning on trying to make some stickers with some self adhesive glitter paper.
I have had a read on the forum and saw that people have done this on the cricut and shillouette machine.
Has anyone tried it with a knk maxx who could maybe give me some tips on how to do it? Possible pressure settings etc.?

Many thanks :)


  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,570
    The key is not the force used, but rather the amount of blade you have exposed (sticking out of the holder). As long as you only expose enough to penetrate the top layer and not the backing sheet, then it would impossible to cut all of the way through. Thus start your small test cut with the blade just barely exposed and use quite a bit of force just to make sure you don't cut all of the way through. Most likely, with too much force, you'll see some tearing. If you penetrate too far, back off on the blade exposure first. Do not adjust the force until you see that you're only cutting the top layer. Then just begin backing off on the force for your subsequent test cuts until you get a clean test cut.

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  • pixelpusherpatpixelpusherpat Member Posts: 305
    Thanks, as always, for your sharing your knowledge. @SandyMcC ASlways peeking at how other's problems are solved. Maybe I'm next. Hee Heee!
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