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Using Formated Text / Tables from Word Excel in MTC

Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,510
edited December 2015 in Tips and Tricks
Di-Lite Calendar Project and Inspired me or Maybe more likely triggered an OCD event

So I fiddled and fuddled and found this out

Probably been discovered long ago but I'm I bit slow

Maybe there's a Flaw in my madness the Experts will spot?

Did anyone know you can select Text or a Tables in word or excel and convert them into images
(there’s also method using word and paste special in a new doc and the right click save as image but I couldn't get that to work)

The Way I Used is copy the Text/Table then paste into MS Paint then save I chose PNG as its loss less (isn't it??)

While your in Paint note the attributes if the image (W x H)

Now In MTC create a rectangle with the same attributes (W x H)

Right Click> Change Colour/Texture/Line> Select Texture> Choose Texture from File
(Ensure Tile Texture is Unchecked)

Using Di-Lite Calendar Idea i found a excel calendar online that was then format I wanted the altered it to suit selected each month separately and converted to a image


Images is 2.1969" x 2.0118"

in MTC created a rectangle 2.1969" x 2.0118" duplicated and add all the images as textures


You can use other shape is you use the offset setting

It even tried it with a doc I had Lying around

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