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Make The Cut! Version 2.3.0 - 2.3.2

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
edited June 2010 in MTC Updates
Hey Everyone!

Thanks to all who have tested 2.3.0/2.3.1 and found some bugs. These were fixed and I think was have an official release.

For everyone who didn't try 2.3.0, here is the post that shows everything that is new.

Here is the first part of the Webinar from 6/9/2010 that shows myself walking you through a couple of new features. I was rushing since I didn't want to take up too much of everyone's time. I will be doing a Webinar soon which will be a couple hours long.

Here is a link to version 2.3.2

2.3.1 Adds/Fixes:
Fixes a Font Import bug/crash
Splits SVGs based on grouping and doesn't render layers that are hidden
Multi-Threaded Split, Layer and Break. When you do any of these three actions, you will see a progress bar pop up:

2.3.2 Adds/Fixes:
Ultra-Fast Virtual Mat Rendering - Now if you zoom in to 300%, MTC won't bog down your system when moving shapes or scrolling.

Copy and Paste To and From Adobe Illustrator - Same idea as copy and pasting between Inkscape, but with AI (Tested with CS5)

New Selection Shortcuts - Added in some new shortcuts to make our lives easier:
Mouse Wheel Click - Zoom to 100%
Number 5 Key - Zoom to 100%
+/- Keys - Zoom In/Zoom Out
Number 3 Key - Center Selected Group
Shift+Tab and Shift+Esc now centers the shapes they end up selecting

Other minor enhancements/fixes
Added a "Go to Page" button in PDF loader
Fixed DPI bug when images have incorrect DPI
Fixed issue when cutting a project, a slice would go through the project

Download it and give it a shot!

Thanks everyone!
I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.


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