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How to make stained wood sign with vinyl stencil??

helenabeehelenabee Member Posts: 1
edited November 2015 in Challenges
Hi there!
I am new to the forum but was hoping someone could help me. I have made several wooden signs with the technique of painting, allowing to dry, placing vinyl letters, painting over with different color and then removing the vinyl. I love how they come out but my mother in law is requesting a wooden sign that is stained rather then painted. I am not sure how to do this as I know the stain won't adhere to the wood over paint. I am trying to avoid having to hand paint in the design :) Please see attached picture for an idea of what I am trying to make.
I am so grateful for any help/advice! Many thanks


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,198
    First, Welcome to the forum. Second, what part does she want stained? The actual wood "base" of the sign? If so, I would stain the wood base of the sign and then either use vinyl cutouts of the images and words and adhere those directly to the sign base. The other option would be to cut a "stencil" of the words and images and use the stencil to "paint" them on the sign. Would look similar to "hand painting" as you suggested but would be easier because you used the stencil. You can cut the stencil out of vinyl or stencil material.
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  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,467
    I agree with MeFlick - stain the wood and let it dry and then apply your vinyl cut outs to complete the picture. You could use a lacquer that is safe to use with vinyl to give a sheen to the whole thing if that is what you want. An alternative would be to use a dark stain on the wood and use a light wood pattern vinyl to give a marquetry effect.
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  • kb25t17kb25t17 Member Posts: 277
    An acrylic gel stain will stick to paint.
  • SharonS_579SharonS_579 Member Posts: 167
    edited December 2015
    Make two stencils - one with the figures removed and one with the outside removed. Use stain in light color using either of the stencils. Once dry, use the opposite stencil and use stain in dark color. Will that work?
    Or stain the whole board in the light color, apply stencil with figures removed or with background removed and then stain with the darker color
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