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adhesive not sticky enough?

kb25t17kb25t17 Member Posts: 277
Brrr its getting cold outside. Cold not just outside but also colder than normal inside my workshop space. This is especially true first thing in the morning before the heat comes on and has a chance to warm up all the objects including the cutting mats. What that means is the adhesive on the mat is not going to be sticky enough. Adhesives are temperature sensitive when the temperature drops the adhesive becomes more solid and no longer is sticky. So what I do is take a heat gun or hair dryer and warm up the adhesive coated surface until it feels sticky again. Then I put the cardstock on it and run it through the machine.

This warm it up trick can also be used on mats that are right on the edge of not being sticky enough to work anymore. A quick warm up and you can usually get one or two more uses out of them.

Also good for quick drying mats after washing them if you are in a hurry to get them back into use. While I am doing that drying I also take a minute to reshape any curled mats by heating them along the wheel track and then working out the curve with the aid of pulling the mat over the edge of the countertop as an opposing force to reshape that curve back to flat.


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