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ai imports: making life easier on a mac

Hi all, I have a mac, well a iATKOS Y Hackintosh to be exact but a mac in all but name. I just thought I'd share my experiences with you.

Firstly, I cannot copy and paste from illustrator CC 2014 (my main tool for design) into MTC so copy /paste is not an option for me. This is a shame and I really hope that one day we will get a Cocoa/Swift coded MTC, pretty please with cherries on top :-)

Importing: I get very good results if I import stroke only, if I import strokes and fills I get duplicate lines all over the place and had to edit these out, so I do import strokes only and add fills later if needed.

I ALWAYS, organise my files with layers and I generally have one layer for cut lines and one layer for dashed lines on each page, this makes it easier to change dashed lines to different spaces, it also helps initially when converting a line to a dashed line because you select the layer and change all the child layers automagically to convert these lines to dashed line en masse, I also like it because you can turn them off to see a less cluttered view of your cut lines

I will also make more layers if I want to have more control over groups of dashed lines and I will do the same for fills. A little time now can save quite a lot of time later, say, if you want to quickly edit a file.

For the effort involved in getting illustrator to make dashed lines its not worth it, so, I always convert any lines designated for dashes in MTC, I tried doing it all in Illustrator but you end up with messy files with lots of short lines each on their own child layer, so on fancy folded shapes you will literally have 100's of child layers and that's bad design, so let MTC make your files pretty lol!

That's it for now, I may be back with more.
iMac 27inch Late 2015 Fully Loaded, Dell Inspiron 5767 17inch laptop.
Affinity Designer, Illustrator CC, Inkscape, Sketchup, C4D, Blender.
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