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Help on sizing

I have to place some names & title along with a image on a acrylic cup. The name & titles are kinda of lenghty and I'm afraid of making the letters to small so it all will fit. I know weeding is going to be a nightmare and I have 24 cups to do. So 2 questions. On a acrylic cup to place everything viewing in the front what size space would you or do you use? and whats the smallest & best font to use? TIA


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,551
    When you say "acrylic cup" are you talking about one of those tapered tumblers with the lid and straw? Or any tapered cup that is larger at the top than at the bottom. If so, there is a feature in Make-The-Cut called Conical Warp. You put in the dimensions of the cup and it creates a true-to-size tapered design. You can then see if the words or image fit in the space where you want it and make adjustments until it does.

    But you are right, if the names and other words are very long, they will wrap around the cup, unless you split them into separate lines. If you don't split them, and want them all on the front, be prepared for them to be very, very small.
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