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This is really off topic....it has questions about Vancouver Canada

minorcustomcraftsminorcustomcrafts Member Posts: 674
My son has decided he does not like traditional college. It doesn't surprise me because he did not like high school. I am just proud he worked hard received scholarships and was able to try college without any loans. His major was always music. He has decided he would could to a technical school for music. He has found one in Vancouver he likes really well. He has been accepted to start in January and he is going to work now and save money to help pay for it. The school he wishing to go to is Nimbus School of Recording Arts. He has found what he has to do paperwork wise but we are curious about other things. He has been looking online at housing, and it is expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look and where to stay away from? Has anyone heard of them and have a opinion? Any other advice?

Thanks in advance

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  • luvthepaperluvthepaper Member Posts: 137
    Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada in which to live. People there spend something like 70% of their income on housing. It is ridiculous and I can't understand how anyone can afford to live there. He should avoid the downtown east side. There are a few block along East Hastings which are completely over run by drug addicts and homeless people. I would not get out of my car there. Ever. We were there a couple of weeks ago with our kids. We drove along East Hastings a couple of times and I used it as an excuse to educate my children on the perils of using street drugs. Pretty effective - at least I hope. I don't know anything about the music school though.
  • minorcustomcraftsminorcustomcrafts Member Posts: 674
    That helps. I appreciate it. He appreciates any tips he can get. Thank you
    Trisha Now cutting with an 18" Black Cat Cougar minorcustomcrafts.com
  • minorcustomcraftsminorcustomcrafts Member Posts: 674
    He has done some research and is thinking of getting an RV and staying at Dogwood Campground in Surrey about 30 min from campus. Now we have no idea if he can take an RV from the states or rent/buy one in canada. Any and all comments welcome. TIA
    Trisha Now cutting with an 18" Black Cat Cougar minorcustomcrafts.com
  • Calgalcre8sCalgalcre8s Member Posts: 2,901
    @luvthepaper.... Just a heads up. Research the school well. Our son enrolled in an ITT School a year or so ago. They took his money and 6 months later the school closed its doors. Same thing is happening right now with Heald College. Closed 10 sites yesterday. We live in California.
  • cmargmcmargm Member Posts: 658
    I might be careful of living in Surrey. There have been recent major problems with gangs and gang related murders. Parts of it are nice but make sure he does research before choosing a place to live. Most big cities do have good and bad areas.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    edited April 2015
    @minorcustomcrafts - I would not touch Surrey with a 10 foot pole. I live in Edmonton AB but we have family in Vancouver proper, and friends that used to live in Surrey. We see the news.

    I too would be worried about privately funded schools, as they don't have the same accountability as colleges or universities that are degree granting by our government. Those are typically funded by the province (British Columbia) and/or our federal governments. International students pay about double the tuition cost of Canadian citizens. Also going to school here in Canada, as an International Student, you cannot be employed, unless it was a program on campus. Being a private school, I believe you would not be permitted to work at all.

    While the winters in Vancouver are typically mild, they too have experienced climate change, and it can get very cold, a bitter damp cold. It also is cloudy and rainy for 6-8 weeks every winter, so living in an RV might be a bit depressing if you can't experience the outdoors much because of weather, and your space is limited. I am not sure on what the ruling would be about bringing an RV into the country as living quarters while going to school, I am sure the border people would be concerned about what are you going to do with it when school is finished. And I don't know what issues there may be after the vehicle has been in the province for more than 3 months - that is typically how long you can have it there with non-resident plates...so check that out too.

    The thirty minute drive will be greatly compounded unless he's taking the train...Vancouver is one of the most poorly designed cities for driving, the streets are too narrow and there is no space to expand much. Driving is an extreme challenge. It would be an hour and a half on the transit. I would suggest driving might realistically be more like one hour. Rush hour starts at 6:00 am and doesn't end til about 10:00 pm.
  • minorcustomcraftsminorcustomcrafts Member Posts: 674
    Thank you everyone for the tips and thoughts. It has made him look harder at what he needs to do. The good thing is they just changed the student visa or whatever it is called so students can work while they go to school.

    Any more tips or anything are welcome.

    Trisha Now cutting with an 18" Black Cat Cougar minorcustomcrafts.com
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