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New Video Tutorials

juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
I have posted three new videos to my You Tube Channel:
Fixing a Defective Font
Adding Texture to a Shape and
Fitting Text to a Shape
all using Make The Cut software.

If there are any particular tutorials you would like to see using cutter software, please let me know, and I will add the topic to my list.

Please subscribe to my You Tube Channel to receive notification of all new videos. I don't always have time to post announcements when I add a new tutorial.

There are now 67 cutter software video tutorials there: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHogCiW9i4ISUqrP7O5DxoQ


  • Mary212Mary212 Member Posts: 1,529
    @juliefes Thanks for all your tutorials and videos. They are so helpful.
  • tvoss123tvoss123 Member Posts: 212
    I really appreciate all the help you give to others. Thank you so much.
  • ImartiImarti Member Posts: 21
    I enjoy your videos Julie. Thank you.
  • JCSJCS Member Posts: 9
    I am very thankful for all your posts. I have to spend one week a month in the Moffitt cancer center. What a wonderful way to past time and learn! I bough a knk zing and have not even taken it out of the box yet. But what a blessing the post on this site is. I can learn so much and get more idea's than I will ever be able to make. When I get back home this weekend I am going to open it up. I will be looking for cut files that I can copy first. I find plenty but can not download any now as I dropped my laptop yesterday trying to get in the door here at the cancer but am thankful for my I-pad, at least I can look. Just wanted you and others, to know what each of you posters are! JC
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