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Installing old MTC version on new laptop?

Laura4boysLaura4boys Member Posts: 24
I got a new laptop at Christmas and finally got my craft room clean enough this weekend to play with my Cricut. I have an Expression and an Explore. I thought I already installed my old MTC on my laptop but when I tried to use it I couldn't find it. I have my registration key number, how can I upload the version I had that worked with my Expression? My old computer I had it on crashed last summer.


  • kmmhugkmmhug Member Posts: 890
    Unfortunately it is no longer possible to download that version because of the lawsuit filed twice by Cricut. Did you back it up elsewhere? If not you can use your registration number to download and register the current version but it will not cut with your Expression. As you have the explore however, you can use it to trace and create and then export your creations as SVG files to use in Explore.
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  • Laura4boysLaura4boys Member Posts: 24
    Darn, my only copy was on the computer that crashed. I don't understand trace and create, guess I will start my research lol. Thanks for the information. :)
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,198

    . . . I don't understand trace and create,. . .

    She is referring to using the newer version of MTC to create files and then exporting the file out to an SVG file to then IMPORT into their online program that you must use with your Explore machine. If you are familiar with the MTC terminology, she means you would use MTC to "pixel trace" a file or "create" your own file(s) and then export out your file to an SVG file and then import it into the online program to cut with your Explore. This would be your only option if the only cutters you have are the Expression and the Explore and did not have your old version backed up anywhere (something that was stated over and over to do for several years now if you were reliant upon using MTC with an old and unsupported Cricut cutter). You will not be able to use MTC at all with the Expression if you don't have the old version anywhere to reinstall because their online program will not work with their older machines - it only works with the Explore - and their online program is the only product that they have that will let you import the SVG file.
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  • kmmhugkmmhug Member Posts: 890
    Yep, what MeFlick said. :) However, at least since you own the Explore you cans till use whatever files you have in MTC and simply export them as a SVG to cut on your explore. Unfortunately you will be limited to cutting your cartridges only on your expression since you lost your copy of the old version of MTC.
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