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Samantha font, how do you use it for addressing envelopes using MTC?

PPDPPD Member Posts: 647
Is there a command such as "inset" used in Silhouette software to choose when using MTC software. I want all the letters to be closed, not open that's needed when you're cutting out the font.

When I use a pen to write with using MTC, the letters are open, not all filled in.


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,243
    @PPD - No, no "inset" command.

    MTC creates a cut path...that means its a path the blade will follow to cut out a shape or if a pen, same thing. If its text from a font you have put on the mat, then it cuts a path around the perimeter of each font. The letters are closed shapes by MTC's definition. If by your "closed", you mean the edge of each touches the letter on each side so you can Weld the letters to be one continuous shape, then you need to manage that yourself.

    "All filled in" - this is what happens when you put text on page in any other software, when you print it, you get a closed, toner/ink filled shape. MTC does not do that, unless you are printing the text, of course it will print as filled shapes.

    If you want to achieve a "filled" look, then you need to create a series of lines or criss cross pattern from lines to "fill" in the letters. Your pen will follow those lines to create the illusion of filled text. Hope that helps!
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    You might try a medium tip pen when drawing with Samantha to fill it in if your text is small. If you have a large text, and engraving fill might be useful. You can use the shadow feature and use a -number to add an inset shadow.
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