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Anyone have a good source for Signs?

stars15kstars15k Member Posts: 96
Specifically, sign blanks. I'm making a sign for my sister's fence for along the community walk-way, breed and personality specific, and she thinks that her neighbors will also want one. I actually thought sign blanks would be easy to find. WRONG! For the first, to get it done quickly I purchased a sign at Walmart, and will be using the back. Does anyone know of a good source for the blanks, should I be doing more? So far, they are available from professional-level suppliers, most needing a quantity purchase, which brings the supply cost of each to about $4. Add in the cost of the vinyl, then the labor and I think they would cost more than what the average person will want, custom or not. I'll post the finished piece once cut. I showed her the cut preview and she was thrilled.


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