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First glass etch project--martini glass

I made an etched martini glass as a gift for a friend who just performed in a show. The text on the glass is her stage name.


To get the image to look correct when wrapped onto a conical martini glass, I had to distort it. I just eyeballed it and did a couple of test prints on paper. Here's exactly how I warped the image in MTC:


For the masking material, I used generic sticker vinyl from my KNK goodie box... the ugliest color I had. I did use transfer tape to get the sticker onto the glass, to hang on to the floating pieces in the middle of letters. To etch, I did two 5-minute runs with Armour Etch. After the first 5 minutes the etch looked a little irregular, so I dried off the glass and glopped on more cream. You can see the etch looks pretty uniform, and the edges are razor-sharp. (The text is just slightly off level, which I'll fix next time, but probably only the maker will notice that.)

The z-stem martini glass itself is nothing special. It was made by Libby and was purchased at a restaurant supply store.

I'm very pleased with how this came out. I expect I'll be doing a lot more projects with glass.


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