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Library settings

gianina danilagianina danila Member Posts: 2
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Hello! I'm a new user of silhouette cameo and i have a question. When i save a file into my library, after it's saved, the size i see on the screen in the library list is very small ( appears like a dot) .So actually all my list appears like a list of "dots". In order to see the file i have to open it. I will appreciate any tips or advice. Thank you!
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,126
    Welcome to the MTC! Forum. I see you just joined us today. :-h

    Since you are a new user of the Silhouette machine - let's first clarify -based on the terminology you used, it sounds like you are using the Silhouette program rather than Make the Cut!, is that correct? Make the Cut! is a 3rd party software program that works with a variety of different cutters including the Silhouette line of machines. This is the support forum for the Make the Cut! (MTC) program and thus why I am seeking to the clarify which you are talking about! ;)

    If that is correct, you will find the best help for their cutter with their program and library from a Silhouette specific forum. The one that I am aware of can be found here:http://s15.zetaboards.com/Silhouette_Plus/index/
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