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silhouette portrait

dawnbohmdawnbohm Member Posts: 127
edited February 2015 in Resolved Issues
I have MTC and have a cameo and just bought the portrait....MTC will work with the portrait correct???
I did a search and think I would only lose the cut and print feature, is that correct???
I haven't gotten it out of the box yet...
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  • scrappingmom2007scrappingmom2007 Member Posts: 1,433
    edited February 2015
    Yes it will work with MTC. You can do print and cut with the portrait. It took awhile but the print and cut feature works for me. The machine is picky so make sure you have strong light source. I put my light so it shines on the registration marks.
    Pazzles Vue and Silhouette portrait owner.
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,531
    It has also been noted that you can use a fine black pen to make the reg marks darker and then the machine can lock onto them easier. Works with the Cameo and the Portrait. But I'm only repeating what I've read as I own a Zing.
  • bossie1bossie1 Member Posts: 678
    No portrait, but SD and Cameo, I love print and cut. Lots of info here, if you have any problems do a search, or just ask
  • sandyjsandyj Member Posts: 821
    Love my portrait, haven't any problems working with it and mtc. But I haven't used mtc for print n cut, usually just use the silhouette software for that.
    Just MY opinion, your milage will vary. Like "Andy" but with an "S"
  • dawnbohmdawnbohm Member Posts: 127
    Thank you! I will probably only use the portrait for cutting and not printing!
    Thanks for all the help!
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