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Can I convert pes embroidery designs to Abu

nursen4funnursen4fun Member Posts: 2
I just bought a cameo. Without any show me how it was done videos I'm lost. So any insight on layering or where to buy cheap layers please help me.


  • seamstobesewseamstobesew Member Posts: 18
    oh buy, I guess you have quite a bit to learn. But their is help out there for you.

    Do you own any other embroidery software? Embrilliance will convert your pes files to .studio files with just a few clicks and they have a how to video on youtube to show you how also. A little expensive, but it is embroidery editing software as well.

    The other is Sew What Pro, they will create a svg file for you that you can import into Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. (You can't import svgs into the free version).

    Layers are something that is done to your svg or other cutting type files, that allow you to name each shape, and find shapes easily. I don't use layers much for anything else and I'm sure they have other uses.

    You have alot to learn tho, it's not just cutting fabric tho on the cameo, you need to also learn how to prepare your fabric, their are many blogs and videos on youtube that will also show you that process.
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