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chalk look

LJFSYDLJFSYD Member Posts: 62
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cool idea using your printer,,,,,
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  • sawstrunksawstrunk Member Posts: 28
    How would something like this be done in MTC? I wanted to make a chalk board sign for my kids b-days.
  • LJFSYDLJFSYD Member Posts: 62
    edited February 2015
    SAWSTRUNK. my understanding is set up the wording in make the cut software and use a white pen (I have a Zing cutter) but will be getting the silhouette pens to put in the blade holder on my machine,,,you use the white,,,,and do it on black card stock, Then take real chalk and lay rub the chalk across the top of the paper (after you have written and Cut with your cutter.) using the long side of the white chalk,,,take a kleenex or paper towel and wipe off to soften the effect,,,this makes it look like real chalkboard,,,,you can also go to youtube and get all kinds of tutorials...hope this helps...oh, if you don't find the design you want (the words) go to internet search and put in SVG files and upload to your MTC software as an "import"....or take a pdf and convert to a SVG
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,290
    The technique shown in the video above doesn't use white pens, it actually prints the image (black/gray/white) on a white paper or card stock. This can be easily done in Make The Cut! as well. This method does use up a lot of your black ink/toner though ;-)
  • 1cardcreator1cardcreator Member Posts: 846
    Thanks for sharing, looks really cool! ~Diane
  • LJFSYDLJFSYD Member Posts: 62
    edited February 2015


    here is a link to using silhouette sketch pen to create chalk look. I will try to find the video showing same effect. Also a link to free chalk fonts. I am going to try the silhouette sketch pens in my KNK ZING Air. I think they will fit in my machine.
  • walshsurveywalshsurvey Member Posts: 553
    I tried my hand at one of these. I used 3 of the fonts from the second link. And I downloaded a chalkboard eraser marks texture. Then I simply used the fonts to write on the page. No grey outline was needed as the fonts have that built in.

    Warning this uses a lot of black ink. I happen to have a printer from the 90s that still has ink available. I pay a buck for one cartridge and the thing sips ink. So I print lots and don't worry about it. I have attached my file and a picture of the results.image
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,219
    Cute saying. I like it! Thanks for sharing your pics and file for others.
    Go Vols!
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  • TishCutsTishCuts Member Posts: 110
    Love the saying and how you did this project. Thanks for sharing.
    From Knoxville TN
    Windows 8.1, Silhouette Cameo, MTC 4.6.1, PCS 1.1.0, Craft Artist 2 Pro
  • KSGKSG Member Posts: 1,566
    @LJFSYD, Neat Job. Thanks For Sharing...
    letha "darlene"
  • LJFSYDLJFSYD Member Posts: 62
    PS: silloette pens fit in Zing Air,,,,,BUT don't last long if doing a lot of writing on a project,,,,so found a Pen holder in the Silhouette section of Joanns (used a coupon!) and has several tips to hold different sized pens....and works great
  • LJFSYDLJFSYD Member Posts: 62
    I used the white silhouette pens on black cardstock and on craft paper yardstick and the ink really looks cool...but did it twice as the paper tended to absorb the ink ..so wanted a clearer look....but loved how it worked...again the silhouette pens (those short stubby ones) don't have much ink in them, but the gold and silver ones are beyond awesome in using...I make some b'day cards and loved the look...also used some of the silhouette glittery looking ones and the finished words had a cool sheen to them...
  • TishCutsTishCuts Member Posts: 110
    Thanks LJFSYD!! I wondered how black cardstock would work. I have some of the silhouette pens, but have never attempted to use them before. I will definitely give it a try.
    From Knoxville TN
    Windows 8.1, Silhouette Cameo, MTC 4.6.1, PCS 1.1.0, Craft Artist 2 Pro
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