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Zing Air - Issue Zing traces around the image but will not cut!

I have had the Zing air for 4 months now and have been kiss cutting stickers with them. I am experiencing a couple of problems.

The Zing has been cutting around the shapes but not smoothly it has 2 or 3 kinks when it cuts around each shape (this has not happened in the past). This is more obvious with slightly more complex shapes. I changed the blade and the issue is still there and have changed blade pressure but this has not made a difference. I then decided to turn the Zing off and not use it for a week. I then decided to cut some stickers again. The Zing is now tracing around the image but not placing any pressure on the paper what so ever! I made sure the blade is sticking out correctly and the barrel is in place properly but this problem is still occurring. I adjusted the blade pressure and reinstalled make the cut but the same issue is happening. I don't know what I am doing wrong as this has never happened to me in the past! Some help is much appreciated!


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