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letter stenciling, adapting font by using eraser on closed objects [Resolved]

LJFSYDLJFSYD Member Posts: 62
edited February 2015 in Resolved Issues
I am working on a lettering design I found in the MTC gallery. "They do not Love that do not show their love. Shakespeare" and has a fountain pen coming off the word LOVE....I have used the eraser to erase spots on letters that are closed (such as the O, D , A, etc...when I got to the script "love" , the O erased find so it will leave the center in, but the E erases one line but not all the way through, it make a bump in the line, and the same with the PEN ..i was trying to erase lines to make all the parts cut and connect as a stencil, but the eraser only moves the line like a bump in it. Tried the knife and not sure how to use that yet...a newbie here. I watched on one of the webinars about it, but not sure which one it was, but thought someone might know what i am doing wrong. PS: making it into a stencil design
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