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Silhouette Cameo Newbie Seeking Any Advice You're Willing To Offer :)

laurenrailaurenrai Member Posts: 1
i just got my silhouette cameo from my fiance as a "going after your dreams" present. He knows i am addicting to crafting and almost all that is related, but i have always been sorta limited to what i could do with money being so tight and all. So now that i FINALLY have my cameo, i have tons and tons of research on tutorials, supplies, projects, etc. but i felt that it was all so overwhelming, ( i am a full time stay at home mom of a three year old little boy, which means i don't get much Me Time ) so reading alllll of that material is just out of the question! I am planning to eventually open up my own business selling custom handmade crafts, and i received an order from a good friend today on putting vinyl names on a sippy crp for her little boy. Now i should say that my previous job was at a screen printing company and i was in charge of all of the heat transfer vinyl for apparel (e.g name and number on team jerseys for all sports, personalized hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, etc., signs of a very wide variety, and well you get where i am going with this) so i know a pretty good bit about the vinyl stuff, i have just never used it as part of my crafting. However, i know this is the next step in getting where i need to be to open my own business. So my fellow cameo users, and/or crafting experts; please give me any kind of advice, tips, tricks, tutorials, anything that can help me use this Cameo to it's full potential! Anything would be very helpful, and very much appreciated! Thank you all for your time :) Have a good night, and god bless.


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,135
    @laurenrai - welcome to the Make The Cut! forum...a place for people that use the software called Make The Cut! with a variety of different cutters, including the Silhouette Cameo. As you have just discovered us, I am going to assume that right now you are using the free Silhouette Studio software the came with your new Cameo. For information all totally Silhouette Studio, there is a forum here:


    You can download a copy of Make The Cut! that will work with your new Cameo, in demo mode, from here:

    http://make-the-cut.com/Download.aspx - don't forget to come back and get the plugin for Silhouette as well after you have installed Make The Cut!. This will not work on a Mac, and there is no support for Cameo cutters for Make The Cut! on a Mac (given your background, most use Macs, I am assuming here). You will not be able to save, export files, and cutting will result in a slash across the work until you purchase the product.

    Have fun learning your cutter, and if you choose Make The Cut!, we have many knowledgeable people on this forum using Make The Cut! with their Cameos to help out.
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,528
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