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February 3rd Webinar [Over] - What questions or topics do you have?

SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,290
edited February 2015 in General
Hello everyone,

Each week, I will start a thread a couple of days before the webinar as a place to write you questions and topics for the Q&A Webinar that week. This won't guarantee that every question and topic will be answered or covered, but it will at least give us a starting point for the webinar.

This is the thread for the Q&A Webinar on February 3rd. You can register for this webinar at:
Tue, February 03, 2015 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM EST

This will be for both MTC and PCS (Popup Card Studio). The latest version of MTC and PCS will be used in this Q&A

The list of February Q&A Webinars that you can register for can be found in this thread:

Type in your questions or topics below, but here are some RULES for this thread:
- Keep the questions/topics specific (e.g. do NOT ask "How do I use MTC?")
- Try to keep each post to one question/topic or a group of related questions/topics. If you have more than one unrelated question/topic, then add another post.
- Keep the wording in the post to the question/topic and any necessary detail
- If there is an existing thread that is dealing with the question/topic, and you feel that it would be a good question/topic to cover in the webinar, then post a link to that thread along with the question/topic.
- Do NOT post if you are not asking a specific question/topic (e.g. no "Me too!", "Great idea", or "That was covered before" type posts)
- If you see someone post a question/topic that you can help with before the webinar, feel free to work with them, but NOT on this thread - start a new thread or send them a PM or email.
- Try to remember, when you are posting a question/topic, that we can only show what is on our screen. We can't share images of off screen things we are doing (loading the cutter, paper, etc.).
- If you have a file that goes with the question/topic, then feel free to post it also. Please do NOT post copyrighted files (links to the original website would be OK).

I may have to add more rules [am I starting to sound like a tyrant yet ;-)], but that is probably enough for now. I am trying to keep this thread simple and succinct so that it can be a manageable tool used to improve our Q&A Webinars. Therefore, I will be EDITING and/or DELETING posts in this thread to keep them manageable and within the rules above. I am human, and will probably edit/delete too much in someone's eyes at some point, but please realize that I am doing so to keep things manageable. Please do not take offense at my edits/deletions. If you have an issue with what I did (or didn't do), please let me know at my email address (posted in my profile) or send me a PM.

This will not be the only venue for questions/topics for the webinar - we will also still continue using the question area in the webinar itself.

OK, If I haven't scared everyone off with my tyrannical rules...
Let the games, I mean questions, begin...
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  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,290
    FYI: Questions can be for either MTC and the new Popup Card Studio (PCS). The latest version of MTC and PCS will be used during this Q&A.

    An added request: If you don't mind, please type your name in your post so that we know who to talk to during the webinar, and also indicate whether or not you have a microphone in case we want to talk through your question...

  • ajsgramieajsgramie Member Posts: 219
    edited February 2015
    I am trying to replicate the box used in this picture. I just can't seem to get it. I have attached what I have so far. I need help with the top and bottom. Any help will be appreciated.
    Upstate NY
    No mic
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  • JacksonGrayJacksonGray Member Posts: 21

    Jackson Gray here - I found a microphone, but don't know if it will work or not.

    The original designs I imported are in the column on the right. I tried to alter them to make them work better in the stencil format but think I've done pretty poorly.

    I'm trying to border a plate design (stencil for pottery), but when I click on cut preview, they don't look right. I see the 2 at the top with acorns are filled with green & when I look at the cut preview I see they have white (clear) sections but the others don't have the green inside & when I look at them in the preview, they don't look much different.

    I've messed around with them trying to "fix", so it is possible they aren't all the same, but clearly I haven't fixed them. Can you see what I'm doing wrong and help me?

    So this is 2 issues - how to better alter the original design to work in a stencil and how to fix them so they will show in the preview (and cut properly )

  • ajsgramieajsgramie Member Posts: 219
    oops here is the box I have so far
  • RueschRuesch Member Posts: 23
    edited February 2015

    I like to know the steps to bring a text and a picture / logo together. The text should lay over the logo but shoud not touch the logo and the lines of the logo should be cloused "around" the text.

    I tried to find a picture to show what I mean but could not find one.

    My machine : Silhouette Cameo I , cutting software: MTC and Silhouette Studio DE, cutting skills: beginner, other software:PCS, gimp and inkscape, all on windows 7 pro . Because english is not my mother language you can keep mistakes if you find them ;-)
  • RueschRuesch Member Posts: 23
    OK I find an example and also attached the logo I want to work with

    My machine : Silhouette Cameo I , cutting software: MTC and Silhouette Studio DE, cutting skills: beginner, other software:PCS, gimp and inkscape, all on windows 7 pro . Because english is not my mother language you can keep mistakes if you find them ;-)
  • cilcil Member Posts: 5
    I want to cut out several different tangrams for an activity book for children. I was able to find one in the MTC gallery, but it didn't quite line up. I did create a standard one using the basic shapes and welding and using boolean join. I don't know if that is the best way or not, but there is also an egg shaped tangrams and a heart shaped tangram that I would like. What is the best way to do this? I have to watch the video because I won't be available for the live broadcast but I would greatly appreciate your help. Attached is the standard file I created and pictures of the two I have not created. Thanks, Cecelia
  • KnitWhitKnitWhit Member Posts: 6
    I would like to do a double-sided print and cut. My issue is basically the margins aren't centered on the page, so when I print the second side it's offset by about 1/2". Is this an MTC issue, or a printer setup issue? I looked everywhere and can't figure out how to center the print margins on the page so that I can print both sides, and then cut and have it all worked out.

    If it helps, I'm making business cards that are shaped like sewing machines, so they're not symmetrical. I attached the file so hopefully you can see what I'm attempting to do.

    Thanks so much for your help,
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,290
    1. Please join my Webinar.

    2. You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

    Or, you may select "Use Telephone" after joining the Webinar.

    Dial +1 (415) 655-0061
    Access Code: 404-015-027
    Audio PIN: Shown after joining the webinar

    Webinar ID: 105-503-963

    Webinars Made Easy®
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