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OpenType Fonts with Extended Ligatures

How are you guys using opentype fonts that have extended ligatures which aren't mapped? I have a design I am trying to do and the font is (I think) supposed to replace the last letter with a swooshie one (yes, that's the technical term :)) but it doesn't work in MTC.

Is there a program that I can use to type it out and just do a pixel trace?
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  • RueschRuesch Member Posts: 23

    try gimp or perhaps with MS-Word saving as pdf and than import could be a way

    My machine : Silhouette Cameo I , cutting software: MTC and Silhouette Studio DE, cutting skills: beginner, other software:PCS, gimp and inkscape, all on windows 7 pro . Because english is not my mother language you can keep mistakes if you find them ;-)
  • SBryanWSBryanW Administrator Posts: 5,290
    While it may not be exactly what you are looking for, there are several techniques that can be used when using these types of fonts (that I think you are talking about) in Make The Cut!. It has been discussed in several Q&A webinars (most recently the 2015-01-20 one during the first 1/2 hour). There are also several threads in this forum on how to use fonts like the Samantha font. Also, Laura Worthington (who has published several "extended" fonts like the Samantha font) has a users gude explaining some tools and techniques to take advantage of the extended features of her font:

  • CapturingTheHeartCapturingTheHeart Member Posts: 85
    Thanks @Ruesch and @SBryanW I think I have decided the font in question is broken. I downloaded the newest version of word and tried using it like I do the Samantha font in MTC (just adding from the all glyphs panel), but it doesn't list any of the glyphs in MTC and word doesn't recognize any of the extra bits.

    Hopefully the designer can fix it.
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  • CapturingTheHeartCapturingTheHeart Member Posts: 85
    edited February 2015
    I wanted to give everyone an update to this as it's a big warning to those folks wanting to purchase from mightydeals.

    Many of their fonts are programmed such that there are glyphs that don't have characters associated with them, so they aren't available to MTC via the method @SBryanW mentioned in the webinar. They also don't work with the newest version of MS Word or any other non-adobe product that I have been able to find thus far. The only way I have been able to access them is via a full-blown font-editor, but those aren't conducive to working with them.

    I am trying to get my money back on the last font-pack that I bought, but short of that I'll have to edit and map the glyphs myself.
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  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    edited February 2015
    The Samantha font has been mapped properly, and all 2700 glyphs are available from Make The Cut via the font Preview window. You need to scroll all the way down to near the bottom of the preview window to find the glyphs in the private use area of the font. Double click the image that you wish to use, and it appears at the size of your caret on the virtual mat. Originally the Samantha font was not mapped this way. But the designer remapped Samantha so that the current version from mightydeals.com does work. Laura Worthington's other fonts are also properly mapped. If you are having issues with other fonts that you have purchased there, be sure to contact the designer of the fonts to let them know that you need for them to be properly mapped. Hopefully they will work on this issue and update their files, as Laura Worthington did. She provided free updates to all of her customers who requested them.
  • CapturingTheHeartCapturingTheHeart Member Posts: 85
    Thanks @juliefes -- I should have been more clear. As you said, the Laura Worthington fonts work great, both in MTC and in MS Word. There were at least three different designers in my last mightydeals pack, only two of which had contact info, and none of them work though. I did figure out how to map them myself, but it's a bit of a pain.

    The one designer I have been working with has been pretty helpful, but ultimately it's buyer beware with mightydeals. Since not all of the fonts even list a designer, you never know what you're going to get until they put some QC in place on their end to ensure fonts are properly set-up for "OTF savvy programs" vice only working in Illustrator.
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  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    I appreciate your post on this. I checked out some of the fonts that I have purchased recently to see what I could do with them, and now understand your frustration. I am one to keep at it, so I will hound MightDeals about the problems, so that more fontographers will be made aware of our needs. Meanwhile, I found out that adding the swashes of these uncooperative fonts is very simple to do using Illustrator, and an added bonus is that you can copy and paste in place the font outlines directly from Illustrator into Make The Cut. It took me awhile to figure out the process in Illustrator, but it was time well spent. Those who have even an older version of Illustrator might want to try accessing from it, those special swashes that are otherwise unavailable.

    Simple instructions are here:

    Once I figured out how to open the Open Type Panel under Window>Type>Open Type Panel then it was very easy to select text using the 2nd arrow on the left side of the screen. The selected text was changed by clicking each of the buttons across the bottom of the Panel. Right click text and select Create Outlines, and save as SVG, or simply copy, open MTC and paste in place. This process assumes that the OTF version of the font has been installed in the sytem's Fonts folder.
  • CapturingTheHeartCapturingTheHeart Member Posts: 85
    I put way too many hours into this yesterday, but did find that the other option that's available to us it to get "type light" - a font editor. You have to open each font, bring up the mapping view, select all of the unmapped glyphs (you can shift select I found out after a some trial and error :) ) and then map them to the "private use area" E000 and up. Save the font and re-install it.

    I am also working with MightDeals as well and encourage others to do the same. At a minimum I think they need to change their verbiage away from "OTF Savvy" to Adobe Illustrator/Corel Draw as those are really the only programs that work with these fonts out of the box, but hopefully they can just levy a requirement on their designers to properly map all of the fonts they package/sell.
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