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Split Monogram Set

NicSmithNicSmith Member Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in General
Morning, I have tried to download the split letter set, and although I have joined as a member, and registered with yahoo, it still says I am not a member. Can you please help as these split letters look great.
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,173
    Hello @NicSmith and welcome the Make the Cut! (MTC) Forum. Just to clarify, you have joined this support forum and you have registered with Yahoo, BUT did you request to join the MTC_Tuts Yahoo Group as a member and get approved? Joining this forum and joining the MTC_Tuts Yahoo group are two different actions - joining this forum is not the same as joining the Yahoo group that has the split letter set that you are referencing. Simply registering with Yahoo doesn't complete the process either. Once you have registered with Yahoo, you still have to request to join any Yahoo group that you may be interested in.

    If you asked to join the MTC_Tuts Yahoo Group, you would have had to wait I think until your membership was "approved" by one of the moderators. Once you are approved, I think you get some "Welcome to the Group" type email(s). If you have done all that, then I might try again because sometimes Yahoo acts a little goofy and people have issues getting in on occasion. If you are a member, and can't log-in, you might try restarting your browser or try a different browser and see if you can get in.

    @juliefes is the owner/moderator of that Yahoo Group.
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