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Silver Bullet-cheaper blades?

missmimimissmimi Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone
I've just got a Silver Bullet which is somewhat amazing. I've done a couple of cuts and although they come out fine I *think* the blades are not as sharp as they should be now. I've looked to buy some more blades and will do from the official website, but they are quite pricey and I'm wondering if anyone has used cheaper blades and where they get them from?
Thanks in advance


  • ShrinkingMimsyShrinkingMimsy Member Posts: 212
    You can use Cricut blades, which are less expensive. They are an inexpensive solution while you are learning the ins and outs of your new machine, but you will find that the Silver Bullet Blades sold by That's Scrap Inc. are of a much higher quality and last much longer. Have fun with your new Silver Bullet!
    Elizabeth aka ShrinkingMimsy http://www.shrinkingmimsy.blogspot.com/ Love cutting with my Silver Bullet Pro 24"!
  • kb25t17kb25t17 Member Posts: 277
    edited January 2015
    Go to Ebay,

    type in the keywords, Roland vinyl blades. Those will be the type of blade used in the standard blade holder you got with the Silver Bullet, they also fit the click holder.

    Use the keywords Graphtec vinyl blades, those will be the detail knife holder blades that come with a little spring.

    It is good to double check blade dimensions in the specifications as well as there are quite a few types of blade holders on the market. I am not sure of the keyword dimensions that will bring up the blade length for the extra long detail blades.

    I buy the ones that ship direct from China. When buying from China you can't wait until the last minute as it takes a while to get them. There are US resellers but they are also buying them from China and then marking up the price. As far as I know all of these blades are made in China, I don't think anyone in the US is making them. Shipping from China is usually free. Look for sellers who are rated as top sellers and have great reviews. I have never had a problem with the blades I have purchased from China.

    How long a blade will last depends on several factors. Setting up the cutting depth is one important factor. You don't want the blade to cut too deeply into the mat as that puts extra wear on it. You must also understand that it is not always the blade that is the issue, sometimes it is the paper you are cutting that is causing a blade to dull much faster than you might expect. Any paper with a metallic type of coating on it will dull blades five times as fast or more than a smooth easy to cut paper that is designed specifically for die cutting. I cut a lot of the mica coated metallic and pearl finish papers so I go through a lot of blades.

    In manufacturing situations you do sometimes get a package of blades from a lot that is not as sharp as expected. They make millions of them, it is bound to happen now and again. The blades I got when I purchased the Silver Bullet are pretty much the same quality as any I have gotten from other sources. I have tried a half dozen different sources, 3 in the USA and 3 in China. There was no difference in the quality of the blades but there was a difference in the price.

    My experience with the blades from That's Scap is that they are the exact same blades as the ones I get from China and the other two USA sources, same packaging and the same sharpness too. The blades from That's Scrap did not last me any longer than the ones I purchased direct from China. The fit and finish on the blades was exactly the same. I have a background in manufacturing and inspection so I am impartial about such judgements, items either meet standards or they don't. From side by side comparison my judgement is that they all came from the same factory.

    I can't comment on the blades sold by Cricut as I have never used them.
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  • missmimimissmimi Member Posts: 2
    Hi guys

    thanks for your comments. I've managed to find some people in the UK that do them on ebay using the keywords, but I'll also order from China in advance too to help. Really appreciate your tips.

    With regards to the ones with springs ie 60 degrees do I need a new click holder too?
  • kb25t17kb25t17 Member Posts: 277
    the blades with the springs will not work in a click holder. The standard Roland blades are what you need for the click holder.
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    Better blades are more expensive. In my experience, spending more for the best blades available for a specific cutter is a worthwhile investment. The best blades last a LOT longer, and cut so much better than inexpensive blades.
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