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Making Wooden signs

has anyone cut Vinyl or plastic to use as templates or stencils to attach to wood then paint overtop onto wood?
like what is attached?

I want to know which cutter to buy to do this simpl\y and easily



  • SusanBluerobotSusanBluerobot Member Posts: 1,185
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  • GinaSGinaS Member Posts: 983
    If I'm not mistaken, any die-cutter can cut vinyl.
    Gina S (MTC Gallery ID: 17449)
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,176
    Welcome to the Make the Cut! (MTC) forum. MTC is a 3rd party software program that works with a variety of different cutters that will cut both vinyl, plastic, and more materials. Yes, a large number of people use them to cut and make vinyl "stickers" and/or stencils for painting signs such as you have shown.

    As Gina (tellabling) noted, most any of the die cutting machines available can easily cut vinyl. As far as what cutter allows you to do this "simply and easily" - that depends upon a number of factors. Your ability to understand and work with the machines, the material being used, and others. However, most important can be the software program that you use with your cutter and how simple and easy it makes the task at hand! ;) Since you are on the MTC forum, most of us here regularly use MTC to do this type of work. One of the benefits to it besides its ease of use, is that it can "grow" with you and your needs as you may start with one cutter brand and then transition at some other point to another brand for some reason (bigger cutting area for example). As I already noted - MTC works with a variety of different cutters and imports and exports out in a variety of different formats.

    you can find the list of cutters that MTC works with here on their home page:http://www.make-the-cut.com
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  • SawdustSawdust Member Posts: 306
    I have only known one cutter, my Maxx. Making signs is not hard, the first couple may not turn out as expected though! The paint will try to bleed under the mask, if you are brushing it on. Spraying in thin repeated layers works better. Sealing the wood entirely before applying the mask is the best way I have found. Working on slate is stunning. Make sure you remove all the loose bits first or the paint bleeds very badly.

    welcome to the forum! there are some very talented people here.

    I took the Short Bus to school because they told me it was "Faster".
  • MsyniukMsyniuk Member Posts: 8
    Thank you for the info... Sawdust, what would i seal the wood with? sorry i am so new, and would i seal it after as well?
    I am tossing around the knk maxx air 24" because i anticipate wanting to do more crafty things with it besides the cutting, it can do etcheng and other things whic i have yet to delve into....

    my hubby said why wouldnt you get the big one if this is what you want to do?
  • SawdustSawdust Member Posts: 306
    I have the Maxx air 24, awesome machine. I ask it to cut some strange things. I make quite a few sandblasting masks. I sealed the wood with Varathane plastic and did not seal overtop.
    I took the Short Bus to school because they told me it was "Faster".
  • MsyniukMsyniuk Member Posts: 8
    Thank you sawdust, is Varathane plastic a spray?

    sandblasting masks what do you cut them out of...? what vinyl?
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,531
    It can be a spray. It also comes in cans to be applied by a brush. Varathane is actually a brand name. The stuff you want is polyurethane which comes in glossy (or clear) or satin finishes. It is produced by several companies or brands.
  • SharonS_579SharonS_579 Member Posts: 167
    You seal the wood with polyurethane first? Doesn't that make the paint harder to stick? Wouldn't it be like painting over glossy paint where you have to sand it first?
    Sharon Greenwood, Indiana
  • SawdustSawdust Member Posts: 306
    Sorry, late back to the party. Gabe has it covered there.
    I have not had trouble making paint stick.
    I bought a couple different frisk materials from US Cutter. I have a heavy rubber product for masking wood and slate. Anchor Blastlite8482 Stencil #t226 22 mil Wood and HDU hightack 25.
    Painting the letters in after the fact is painful, I would try to paint the appropriate areas of the board with the colors and then after it is dry mask and blast.
    I have a thinner, less flexible, cheaper mask for flat glass.
    I found that normal vinyl did not work nearly as well, any wrinkles or joints just blast through.
    I took the Short Bus to school because they told me it was "Faster".
  • MsyniukMsyniuk Member Posts: 8
    edited January 2015
    im not blasting though i want to cut stencils to paint onto the wood, not blast
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  • CapturingTheHeartCapturingTheHeart Member Posts: 85
    edited January 2015
    Depending on how you want to do it you can also just use the vinyl for the lettering. Here's a sign we did for a friend's birthday. I cut and routed a piece of MDF and put screw pockets in the back to hang it. Painted it all, let it dry and applied the vinyl.

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  • MsyniukMsyniuk Member Posts: 8
    LOVE IT, THANKS YOU GUYS FOR THE HELP!!! i am going on holidays and then getting this off the ground...
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