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zing and mtc [Resolved]

tinapowerstinapowers Member Posts: 31
edited January 2015 in Resolved Issues
I haven't used this machine in the three years I've had it, but it is my New Years res to learn to use it for everything. Today, I have letters ready to cut out, but the machine and software are not talking to each other. I downloaded the latest driver for the Zing. My choices for cutters are now. KNK Maxx, KNK Groove, KNK Maxx Air, KNK Element XL Grande; none of the choices activate the cutter. Suggestions?
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  • tinapowerstinapowers Member Posts: 31
    I figured this out. :smiley:
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,141
    Glad you figured it out. There are two separate KNK plugins available for download. One is for the Zing and one for the other KNK cutters I believe. Sounds like you had only downloaded the one that was for the others and not the Zing.

    Make sure you access the online manual and use it to learn how to use both your machine and MTC with it. If you need any help, be sure to come here to the forum and ask. Lots of people willing to help when it's needed. While the machine will take a little time to learn, it will be well worth it to learn. Good luck.
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  • tinapowerstinapowers Member Posts: 31
    Figured this out and am cutting. yea?
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