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registering MTC

I'm having trouble registering MTC on my new laptop.
Do I have to be on the internet to do it?
Does anyone know how I can cut and paste from my Mac to my new Windows 8 machine? (new computer does not have Adobe)
I keep getting pop up windows, which I close but it's still installing things I don't' want. I don't do email on the windows machine and very limited internet b/c of these issues.
I'm a little (?) frustrated



  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,991
    1. To register and access the Gallery, yes.
    2. No, you cannot copy something on the Mac and paste it onto your Win machine, are they even connected in the same network. Save to a thumb drive.
    3. What is popping up? Internet Explorer? Make The Cut! does not install anything other than Make The Cut!, any plugins to work to a particular machine are a separate download and install. If you are getting popups, I would suggest you may have malware on that machine.
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