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Question on Print n Cut

Hi - I've been wrestling with my silhouette cameo, trying to get Print n Cut to work, with either MTC or Silhouette Design studio. Cannot get the registration marks to register. One basic question regarding the reg marks. There is a square and two L brackets. Should the square be nearest the upper left corner of the mat as it is fed in? I've set this up in Portrait.

I'm also having a problem in MTC where the reg marks along the left side of the printout are getting cut off a bit when it prints. Can't figure out why, and I have tried both with and without borderless printing. Printing to an Epson WF3540 with Epson ink, highest quality.

Thanks for your help.


  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,660
    Can you either post your MTC file OR snap a picture of your MTC mat with reg marks showing exactly how you have it ready for print?
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  • AngeliCutsAngeliCuts Member Posts: 177
    edited December 2014
    Let's tackle the Silhouette Studio PNC first because that's the baseline for how PNCs should be for the Cameo. Which version of Silhouette Studio are you using?
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  • AngeliCutsAngeliCuts Member Posts: 177
    edited December 2014
    Here is how the registration marks are supposed to look in Portrait. Box in the top left. It's called, "Type 1 (CAMEO, Portrait)" by V3.

    Your paper should be on the sticky mat exactly the same as the virtual mat with the paper's top left corner aligned with the top left corner of the sticky mat.
    Howdy from Texas! ~ Owner of a Cameo, Dreamer of a KNK FORCE! ~ Get help for your Cameo or Portrait at AngeliCuts'n'Sews
  • brianna_c1brianna_c1 Member Posts: 3,670
    if you have the new touch screen cameo then this video might be of help

    Stampin Up Demonstrator
  • bossie1bossie1 Member Posts: 678

    Craftalife, Here is a discussion, and a practice file for print and cut with the cameo and MTC. I just do not know why but I have great luck with both my SD and Cameo with print and cut, keep us posted on your progress. Valerie
  • craftalifecraftalife Member Posts: 4
    So I tried to use bossie1's simple file that she linked to - I printed it (turned on the layers first) and the reg marks printed fine - which was a part of my problem. But then I turned off the layers except for the two outlines, and tried to cut it. Same problem - it cannot find the registration marks. The marks are about 1.5 inches below the top of the paper, and the silhouette only looks at the very top - doesn't go down that far. And it only looks in the top right corner of the page. I'm attaching a photo of how the page looks on the mat. I'm feeding in the arrow side into the silhouette - arrow is at the top of the photo. You can't really see it in the photo.

    One question I have - when I am ready to cut, the MTC software shows me an image of the silhouette and how the page should be laid out, and shows blinking registration marks. And it has marks on both top corners and one in the bottom RIGHT. But there is no mark in the bottom right, only on the bottom left, as the page is being fed in.

    Thank you all so much.
  • bossie1bossie1 Member Posts: 678
    Out running errands, but checking in. Try turning the paper so the square is in the upper right hand corner. When hit cut, look at the display on computer screen, that is how the paper should be on the mat. Don't give up, we will get you going. Valerie
  • craftalifecraftalife Member Posts: 4
    So - Success! And I'm not sure why. I went back to my own file, and shrank the image a bit so that the registration marks were more inside the paper edge (That was one of my problems). I made it landscape, so that the square was now in the upper right corner of the mat. And I scootched my image up more toward the top of the page, so the reg marks were close to the edge. And it starting working about half of the time. It took a few tries to get the reg marks recognized, and then it was smooth sailing.

    Thanks for this forum - little clues and hints from all over helped me figure it out.
  • craftalifecraftalife Member Posts: 4
    Here's an picture of how my mat was laid out. The snowmen are cut out, but you can see the square reg mark on the upper right, close to the top of the mat. I think this was the key.
  • bossie1bossie1 Member Posts: 678
    Great!!! Now the bad news, for me there was no turning back, I haven't paper pieced since I fiqured out print and cut!!! If I want dimension I use my black cat to cut heavy cupboard to layer with my design! So glad you mastered the challenge!!! Valerie
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