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Experiments with CorelDraw and MTC

juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
We have had some members here who use CorelDraw, so thought I would share the results of some of my experimentation with you on converting files. I am currently using CorelDraw X4 and MTC 4.6.1
Mostly I use CorelDraw for creating TTF files. I also use a CorelDraw macro for bulk conversions of files from AI, EPS, CDR etc. to SVG so that I can use them in my software that imports SVG files, including Make The Cut.

Meanwhile, When exporting svg from CorelDraw X4 use 1:100 Units for Drawing, and select Text to curves for cuttable text.
CorelDraw export of AI will not import into MTC. Use SVG or EPS instead. The exported SVG and EPS files import into Make The Cut at their correct sizes. However, the SVG sizing using the 1:100 ratio imports a bit too large in the InVue and other software. But if you use the default or smaller units, the file imports into InVue and other software so tiny that you cannot even see it. Select All and resize to see your imported file.

Let me know if you need more details about using the CorelDraw Macro for file conversions.
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