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Anniversary Badge

PennyPenny Member Posts: 2,129
WOW - just earned my 5th Anniversary Badge. This is a wonderful forum, along with the "great" MTC software and a wonderful "Zing" machine. Thanks Andy and everyone involved in making MTC what it is today! =D>
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  • HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,660
    @Penny Congratulations. You joined the very first day Andy posted on the "other" forum 5 years ago. I came here that first day, downloaded his trial version and lurked on the forum and played around with the software for a couple weeks, before I actually joined and purchased the software and never looked back.

    Before I retired, I worked 20 years in the IT organization of a large corporation in Southern California as a Business & Finance person. Having had much experience with programmers, I figured out rather quickly that Andy was in a category by himself so far as programmers are concerned.

    Since I started making cards in the mid-1990's, I never wanted to be a stamper--I wanted to utilize my computer--so I used a what is now kind of a primitive software (but I still do find I need to use once in a while). I kept searching for a software that would allow me to cut the size I wanted. I think the first machine I had looked at was the Wishblade, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So like a lot of people, we turned to the Cricut and Design Studio.

    But, then along came Andy and MTC. I had even been introduced to SCAL before MTC.

    I want to join you in thanking Andy for a great program, and everyone who makes this forum what is--a friendly and active place to come to get answers and have fun.

    Happy 5th Birthday MTC.
    As long as the bicycle wheels are still turning, life is good. Sharon in North Central Idaho
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,991
    Hard to believe that its been 5 years already...I was using SCAL when I heard about MTC, had tried the Cricut [email protected], and didn't care for it either. I knew instantly when I saw MTC that it was a forever purchase :), just like PSP version 9. I have all the other versions up to the newest one, but I still go back to that one when I want to be serious :). Some of the functionality has been lost over the versions. Happy Anniversary, Make The Cut!, Andy and Ann!!!
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,141
    Best 5 years! Thanks Andy and Ann. I too got it this first week 5 years ago but didn't join the forum until after the holidays. Hope there are many more years to come. I love all the changes Andy has made in the program since that first release - here's hoping to see even more added and enhanced as we move forward! Thanks also to all the other "helpers" here on the forum, in the Webinars, etc. - you all make this a great program with great help and support.
    Go Vols!
    Cutting with 18" Silver Bullet and a KNK Force (the rest are collecting dust!)
  • astack229astack229 Member Posts: 878
    Me, too! Got my 5 year badge today. I can't believe it's been 5 whole wonderful years!!! Thanks to Andy and Ann and family!!!
  • ShirleyGShirleyG Member Posts: 323
    Happy 5th Anniversary Penny. I have a couple of months to go!
    Creating in Albuquerque, NM Black Cat Cougar 18"
  • TAMinatorTAMinator Member Posts: 2,928
    I got mine, too!
    It claims the 22nd at 2:52 am. I"m not so sure I was on here at that time of day. :))
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  • cmargmcmargm Member Posts: 658
    Just got my 5 year anniversary also. I love the program and this Christmas I used it so much and it never failed me.
  • CarrieCarrie Member Posts: 1,169
    Yippee 5 years for me to!
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  • Reba1Reba1 Member Posts: 3,626
    Sniff sniff, always a Johnny Come Lately. I won't get my badge until March. BUT I just got my 500 likes badge a few minutes ago (I guess, it popped up while I was reading the forum). Thanks whoever sent me to 500!
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