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dhchickdhchick Member Posts: 82
Hi guys, I have to re-create this cake topper for a friend's wedding..
I already cut it out in several layers of cardstock which i adhered together to make it more "3d". I have some .004 gold holographic glitter to cover it. I've tested it and it sticks pretty well with my creative station adhesive on the front/ back but, on the sides of the text, i cant use the creative station so im going to try regular elmers glue. My question is, will the dust stay on the elmer's glue? should I cover the whole thing with some kind of sealer....if so; the sealer is going to have to be non-toxic and I have no clue whats good for that.

Another thing....i have been having the hardest time locating .004 holographic glitter in 1lb sizes in IRIDESCENT. I want this product image
but due to import restrictions in my country (Trinidad & Tobago), I have to come up with some kind of alternative. I was trying to just buy the glitter itself and just mix it with some elmer's glue & water and just brush it on my projects bc aerosol is a no no via airfreight...any suggestions/ advice would be greatly appreciated!
cutting with a 24" maxx air


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