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Zing Air and a Mac

My Zing Air is on its way and I just wanted to be sure Make the Cut will work on my Mac and the Zing Air. I've read about plug-ins for specific KNK models but don't see a plug-in for the Air.


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,112
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    MTC will work with the Zing Air from a Mac. The "plug-ins" for the cutters are preloaded into the MTC version that runs on a Mac so you don't have those to download separately like on the PC version. The version that runs on a Mac presently ONLY has plugins for KNK machines. (however, I did recently get my black cat cougar to cut from my Mac with MTC using the KNK Maxx setup same as on my PC!)

    One other thing I will point out, the Mac version of MTC is not a "true" Mac version that runs under Mac's OS. It runs the PC version under an emulation system with Wine program. It is packaged with Wine in its installation package so you don't have to do anything separately to install. I point this out simply to be clear that it is not a true Mac program as many don't realize this.

    You can also run the regular PC version on a Mac with parallels or other options like that.
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    @Digital_Pictorialist you can find a link to the mac mtc download at:http://knkusa.com/resources/ you will have to set your gatekeeper to allow download from anywhere, or you'll get an error message. Andy even has a little movie bundled in the download to help with the set up. It also has the drivers in it as well. You will need your zing air and your registration code to complete the installation. The code on the disk is not the registration to get the code go to https://make-the-cut.com/Register.aspx Congrtulations on your new cutter.
  • Thanks for the clarifications. I've actually been experimenting with the program in "demo" mode in anticipation of my cutter arriving so that I can start running.
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