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copy/paste from one project to another??

mom6hsrmom6hsr Member Posts: 277
edited December 2009 in Help for Make The Cut
I have two projects open. I want to copy a design from one to another. When I do this, it 'paste' the design, but its not the same size I had on the first page. And, I kinda want it to position itself on mat #2 exactly where it was on mat #1.

Is this possible? shortcut I am missing?


  • mom6hsrmom6hsr Member Posts: 277
    oh, I know to change the properties in location and size, that is what I am doing now. but, any shortcuts for this, or can you build it into the sofware?
  • I also do what mom6hsr does and just change to size and with properties so it is the same size as the orginal.

  • AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
    When you paste, it uses the size of the Caret as it's height. I will add a new type of paste called "Paste In Place" in the next version that should fix the issue...
    I don't often test my code... But when I do, I do it in production.
  • mom6hsrmom6hsr Member Posts: 277
    oh, thank you!!

    To give you another reason for this use: When making word books, you can make page after page by just putting down the original square/rectangle, then adding a design per page, then dragging the square/rectangle righthand side til you get to the design, so that the design overlaps the square/rectangle. OH, and having the design "paste" on the new mat EXACTLY where it is on the 1st mat, helps in lining up items, such as a word book.

    Just in case your wife has not made one yet, here are a bunch on this site:

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